Barcode Manager for Windows is a barcode reader application that uses the camera on your PC to read various types of barcodes, including QR codes and other 2D codes. It also has the ability to read barcodes on the PC screen and create barcodes.

Use a camera connected to the PC to read barcodes. If multiple cameras are available, you can switch between them.

When the camera recognizes a barcode, the barcode data will be displayed. For some QR codes, you can perform actions such as "open link in browser" that correspond to the barcode data.

You can also read barcodes displayed on the PC screen without using a camera. (Screen area reading function)

For reading the screen area, you can specify the reading area on the desktop with the mouse or pen.

It also has the ability to read barcodes in image files. (It supports reading JPG and PNG format files.)

The barcode creation function supports the creation of eight types of barcodes in addition to QR codes.

Created (read) barcodes can be checked in the barcode details screen. Barcodes can also be exported to image files.

Barcodes read or created by the app are saved in the app as a history. There is also a function to check the contents later and record notes.

Barcode Manager for Windows is available free of charge from the Microsoft Store.

If you are a business user, please consider using Barcode Manager for Business, which has additional functions for business use.

Download Barcode Manager for Windows

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