"Smart Scanner" is now available on Google Play Store.

"Smart Scanner", a Barcode Scanner App for Mobile Devices, is now available on the Google Play Store.

Smart Scanner

This app is linked to the “Barcode Manager” barcode application for Windows PCs and enables barcode scanning with your smartphone. The “Smart Scanner” app can send barcode data scanned by a smartphone to a Windows PC.

This is useful when you want to utilize QR Code data scanned by a smartphone on the PC side, such as website URLs. The scanned barcode data is transmitted to the PC side via Bluetooth connection, and the received barcode data is displayed on the screen of the “Barcode Manager” application on the PC side, enabling seamless access to websites and other subsequent operations.

The app can also be used when a camera is not available on a desktop PC or when a smartphone’s high-performance camera is used to read the data. The communication between the PC and the smartphone is encrypted to protect the read data from malicious users.

The app is available free of charge. For detailed conditions of use, please refer to the Google Play Store page.

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